Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Student PrizeYachts and Sailors PrizeReady-Made PrizeAchievements Prize
Textile PrizeStrategy PrizeCostume PrizeAdvertising Prize
European PrizeNational Awards PrizeMagazine PrizeItalians Prize
Best Aircraft PrizeGood PrizeJournal PrizePublishers Prize
Social and Behavioral Sciences PrizeAdvanced PrizeTop Architects PrizeFestivals Prize
Top Designers PrizeTop Notch Design PrizeProfessional Artists PrizeProfessional Artists Prize
Champion PrizeWorkshop and Warehouse PrizeCar PrizeConsumeables Prize
Landscape PrizeDesign Weeks PrizeDisplay Units PrizeConferences Prize
Beauty Products PrizeColorful Goods PrizeDictionary PrizeFuturistic Prize
Outranking Furniture PrizeDesign Entries PrizeFunctional Furniture PrizeDistrict Prize
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